Friday, August 17, 2012

Probably stepping in it

I'm either stepping in it big time, or just making a comment that will be lost in obscurity over in @scalzi's Whaever.  Here is a copy below, as my comment about what comments might be acceptable might not be acceptable.

I'm likely to be the sole dissenter here, but I miss the pre yes men days that came before the "everyone is my friend which I shall not disagree with" current Internet.
Forums were a many to many form of communication intended primarily for the participants.  Sure, there were trolls, but they were easily tuned out.  Some of the most interesting material was in the diversions off the original poster's thread.
Today's blogs feel more like newsprint editorials.  The remonstrations (wow, is that really in my working vocabulary, I think not) in my mind translate to "Come on people, we've got a theme going here!  Stick to it.  We're not here for the enjoyment of you participants, you know, this is the age of few to many communication.  This carefully crafted thread and comment stream is intended for the comfort of the nonparticipating readers.  You are just here to provide the illusion of consensus. Back in line. *Snap* *Crack*."